Let´s verse-a!

In 2011, two colleagues founded the architecture firm Versea, and from then on we have worked with different associates who help us and provide brilliant solutions to every project.

After a few years we decided to offer de global services that we were frequently asked for, including project+execution, so our clients can relax and enjoy the process without worrying. This is specially important in projects that are carried out for foreigners in our area, who need a team to rely on when they are not on site, and given that we speak fluent English and French.


Marina Bernardo

Architect by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and endless dreamer, I am passionate about the creative process in all its levels, from developing small inventions to designing complex buildings.

The Master on Architectural Heritage I studied at the UPV enhanced my interest on building restoration, and every house renovation increases my love for historic buildings. I also enjoy combining our creative side with botanics in landscape and gardening projects, a love I inherited from my family, closely related to the countryside.

My biggest passion is traveling. I speak English and French, and I have learnt everything in my journeys. I have travelled for pleasure, and I have studied and worked abroad, and with all of that I keep on discovering a world of possibilities to introduce everyday in our projects. I have also worked as an assistant teacher at the Polytechnic University, and as an associate in different offices.


Isabel Señer

Architect by the Polytechnic University of Valencia, I love design in all its variants. I enjoy time spent in graphic and architectonic design, and developing 3D render images so our clients imagen what their project will turn into.

I am concerned about every detail in projects, that is why I consider essential the technical part of our work, in which ideas turn into reality. My experience in architecture offices since 2006, even before finishing my studies, makes me concern about finding feasible, profitable, and sustainable solutions without forgetting about design.

Finally, I love photography. To be able to capture in an instant the essence of a moment or a place is something that also has to do with my interest in details, i that everything is perfect.